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The Electoral College is as American as Baseball

March 21, 2019

He explains the Electoral College very nicely.

The Way I See It

The object of baseball is simple: hit the ball and score runs. If a team does these things well enough, they might get to the World Series, and a team wins the World Series by winning four out of seven games.

Most of us are familiar with this concept.

Understanding how the World Series works helps to understand why we need the Electoral College and why it still makes sense in the 21st century

My current state of Colorado has joined a movement to circumvent the Electoral College, awarding all electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote instead of whichever candidate actually wins in Colorado.

Not only is this an affront to the people of Colorado, but with that kind of thinking they might as well abolish the World Series next.

Consider this imaginary World Series scenario, featuring the Colorado Rockies and the New York Yankees…

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