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March 7, 2019

I enjoyed the video that came with this. I always like hearing the poet read their poetry. It helps me to get a better grasp on it. I also loved her red hair. That gave me an idea for a short story character. And don’t worry, I still believe God created everything.

Annika Perry

For many years I have been an avid reader of Maria Popova’s learned articles. She is a gifted writer and created Brain Pickings in 2006 to cover such diverse topics as literature, philosophy, science and art. Since 2012 Brain Pickings has had the honour of being included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive.

In one recent article readers were introduced to the wonderful poet Marie Howe and her poem ‘Singularity’. Inspired by Stephen Hawking’s work, the poem was written to a short deadline; a daunting undertaking for someone whose creations are often years in the making.

The incredible and striking poem would not leave me and I hope you find it equally as thought-provoking. Below the poem is a video with an explanation and reading of ‘Singularity’.


by Marie Howe

          (after Stephen Hawking)

Do you sometimes want to wake up to the singularity

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  1. Connie, first thank you so much the reblog! 😀 I agree, it is enriching to hear a poem read aloud, even better so by the poet herself! Oh, now I’m intrigued by the character you’ve been inspired to create … hope to learn more at some stage! 😀

    • It’s barely more than an idea. The scene that popped into my head was a famous hair dresser sees her and wants to tame her curls. She does not know that he is famous but lets him cut her hair since she’s desperate. I don’t have worked out why she’s “desperate” to have her fixed and naturally she does not know he’s famous – yet. I’ll start on it after I finish the one I’m doing and I will keep you posted. Do you want her named Annika, or maybe Nika?
      I already have another character, Jordan, who tries to disguise herself so an ex-boyfriend won’t find her. She cut her hair short and dyed it brown. A day or two later she thought she saw him and decided to do a curly perm. She’s a 6 foot tall model so it’s hard to hide. The curly perm was too close to when the perm was done so her hair turned orange. My book cover was going to have: “How do you hide when you’re are a six-foot tall model with a mop of orange hair?” I’m converting it to a short story.

      • Connie, you have a wonderfully vivid imagination and I was hooked reading your thoughts here! You sense of fun at writing is palpable and great memorable characters. As for the name – Nika is the one to go with! Definitely keep me posted!

  2. I reread my comment and realized I wrote it wrong. Dying her hair was done too close to the perm which turned her hair orange. Nika, she is. I like that also. Thank you for the wonderful compliment. Makes me want to get busy writing!

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