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The Depth Of My Pride

February 1, 2019

Faith Filled Friday – Through my disability I’ve learned to trust God more than I ever did. I still don’t like having myasthenia gravis, but I think it has made me a better witness for God’s love and salvation. I’d love to see all my Facebook and blog friends in heaven with me. Connie

Unshakable Hope

As the followers of my blog know, I’ve had ALS for twenty-two years, I’m completely paralyzed and unable to speak. I use an eye-tracking computer to communicate and I am totally reliant on Mary to take care of me.

Chipping away at my pride

I remember when I first started having to rely on others to help me with simple tasks. Even though my body was beginning to fail me and I sounded like a drunk when I spoke, I fought so hard to keep working after being diagnosed. Not just because we needed my income, but also because I just couldn’t imagine not working.

With my job as a Regional Sales Manager, I usually traveled two or three days per week, and usually left for the airport at five in the morning. I remember attending a convention and having to ask a coworker to button my shirt and put…

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