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Submission Hell-A Rant

January 26, 2019

I loved this!

Penny Wilson Writes

We writers all go through the same loop when submitting our work 
for publication.  We write, submit, get rejected and repeat.  
I can handle that.  Rejection is part of the process.  
Rejection makes you try harder and you learn 
from every rejection.  

The thing that gets under my skin is the Vast amount of 
differences for submissions!  There are almost as many WAYS 
to submit as there are publications that accept them. 

 *Some accept previously published pieces, others do not.  Some consider a blog post as being Published, others do not.  *Some charge reading fees, others do not.  *Some places do not accept simultaneous submissions, while others do. *Some want your submission in a Word document, others want a PDF.  Still others want the submission to be a copy and pasted into the body of the email.  *Some have very specific requirements as far as font size and type, others…

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