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stirring thoughts

December 27, 2018

I did not realize I missed sharing this on my blog. My husband is a huge coffee drinker and I’ve picked up the habit, although not as bad as his. I hope you enjoy this poem as much as I do.

The Lonely Author


stirring thoughts


Two sugars in my coffee
My spoon begins to churn
My mind becomes all milky
Over a girl I haven’t met

Sweetened thoughts of her
Swirl in my caffeine head
As if they were blended
By the lazy ceiling fan

Sinking into the whirlpool
Notions spiral out of control
The fan continues stirring thoughts
While my coffee is getting cold


In all honestly, this poem should be labeled as a collaboration because in her poem entitled “no one’s world” my dear friend G. of Short Prose -Fiction ended her wonderful piece with the line “and your coffee’s getting cold.”

Please, take a moment to read her powerful poem that inspired my write; and see how she used contrasting lines in her finale as a delicious exclamation point.

no one’s world.

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