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Faith Filled Friday: The Spider at Bible Study

November 30, 2018

Friday mornings my church has a Ladies’ Bible Study and prayer time. We meet at about 9:45 AM to enjoy a light breakfast and coffee in the kitchen. Today our pastor sat with us for a few minutes.
We moved from the kitchen down the hall to one of the classrooms for our Bible study time. I plopped my bag and purse down onto the front table then sat in the chair beside them. Juanita, our instructor, sat on the other side of the table to face us. Linda and Ann sat in the second row.
I had just sat down when Juanita leaned over and smacked a spider where I had put my bag. She swiped it off the table, but it looked like it would have hit the seat of the chair.
“Don’t worry,” Juanita said, “It was just one of those little ones.”
Since I did not see it, I figured it was about the size of the letter “o.” I worried that it had been on my stuff. Thankfully little spiders do not give me the creeps like the big ones do. Yet I still found myself frequently glancing down at the chair seat to make sure nothing was moving.
Before long I saw a large flat black spider crawling along the outer edge of the table. It was at least 1/2 inch in diameter – not the size I was thinking at all! This one had thick legs which added a menacing heft to it. A slight chill chased up my arms.
“The spider’s back.”
Juanita looked to where I was pointing and swatted it away. This time it would have landed on the carpeted floor toward the front of the room. I could not focus on class anymore. I kept looking down on the floor, fearing to see the spider crawling under the table towards me. I tapped my feet, hoping the vibrations would keep it away.
We are studying about the Lord’s Second Coming. I managed to make some notes and also was surprised to learn there are 75 days at the end of the Tribulation before the Thousand Year reign begins. The first 30 days are for cleaning the Temple and the remaining 45 days are for the Judgement of Nations. Juanita is holding up a sketch of the time line and explaining everything.
Suddenly she stands up and hits the top of the seat with her cell phone. “That’s it. I’ve given you two chances.”
That’s when I saw the spider again. She smacked it several times! It was not moving but that did not mean it was dead.
I hoped there was only one spider, but I was feeling surrounded! First left, then forward and now my right side.
Laughing, Ann and Linda chimed in, “He wanted to see the drawing.” “He was trying to read the Bible, too.”

  1. Haha he just wanted to join!

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