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Home Front recipes from WWII

November 5, 2018

There are several I plan to try. I love trying new recipes!

Pacific Paratrooper

As most of you know, America experienced rationing for the first time in World War II and with the holidays looming in the wings, food seemed to be a logical subject.

Some products  that were rationed during World War II were sugar, meat, coffee, typewriters, fuel oil, gasoline, rubber, and automobiles.  Each person was issued a book of ration coupons each month.  Rationed goods were assigned a price and point value.  Families were not restricted to certain quantities of rationed goods.  But once their coupons were used up, they could not buy rationed goods until the next month. Families were encouraged to plant victory gardens.  These gardens supplied a major part of the vegetable supply during the War.

But one thing most of us can admit, our parents and grandparents ate well.  They ate to live – not lived to eat!    Here are some of the recipes, given to us…

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  1. Thanks, hope you have fun with this!

    • I’ll be sure to let you know! I’ve been looking for a gravy recipe and a bread pudding recipe. I seem to have forgotten how I made them when I was young. We have a pear tree in the back yard so I want to make the pear crumble. We like apple crisp so the pears should do as well. The deer get more of the pears than I do, but I’ll fight them for enough to make the crumble.

      • My Mom made the best apple crisp, but pear crisp is a great idea!! Let me know how THAT turns out, better yet – send me your recipe!

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