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I Hugged Elvis

October 17, 2018

Okay, to be honest, he was an Elvis impersonator. Although I am old enough to have hugged the real one!
Normally on Tuesday, Wilma and I help residents at a local nursing home to play Bingo. This week Bingo was cancelled to make room for Elvis, and we decided to go hear him. The dining room tables were pushed aside and the room was packed with residents, visitors, and staff.
The Elvis impersonator had the right look. He was a young man with black hair and long sideburns. His voice and his singing were great! A few times when he talked he continued with the Elvis accent.
Residents clapped, wiggled in their wheelchairs, or made circles with their arms. Some even joined in singing.
Elvis wore a long scarf around his neck. He handed it to a woman in the front row. She loudly hooped and hollered, clapping her hands in joy. Not once, but three or four times!
One of the ladies that plays Bingo was in the front row. She has limited speech and movement, but when he gave her a scarf, she hollered loudly also. The joy in her face was beautiful.
He gave out four or five scarves and each time with the same reaction – screams of delight.
Chris put on a great two-hour performance. He attends college here so I hope I’ll get to hear him at other places. He gave me permission to put his contact info on my blog.
Facebook: Collins Cosplay & Entertainment
I got to hug him before he left so I could make that my title.

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