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Faith Filled Friday: Modern Day Miracles?

October 5, 2018

Earlier this week I read a Facebook post which talked about miracles. I don’t have a link title, but this date will take you to it: Yesterday at 6:23 PM.
I liked Fred’s article and I believe in miracles. We still have miracles today, but not everyone believes that. Maybe we’re simply not paying attention. Sometimes the word “miracle” is bandied about without really believing it. You have probably heard someone say “It’s a miracle I woke up this morning after the bender I was on last night.” It always got a chuckle in a comedy skit. Maybe we should consider waking up in the morning something of a miracle.
I think the human body itself is a miracle. Learning all the intricacies of how the many body systems work together is truly a miracle.
This is my first response: Three times on my last job I had my life threatened. I consider it a miracle that God stopped them each time. The man with the rifle never fired. The guy who threatened to get his cowhands to rape me never did. The last time was a woman who was mad at me for touching her stuff. My patient’s mother sat in the chair across from me. She reached down and picked up a pair of long-handled pruning shears. Her face never changed from the hate she had for me. She continuously wiped the blades with a paper towel during the ten minutes or so I was there. I prayed. All she had to do was lunge forward and those blades would have pierced my chest. The next day I was told she tried to murder her son but he was in a coma; she committed suicide. He died a few days later. You will never convince me that God does not make miracles anymore.
A woman commented back: could that be the providence of God working. What you described is a change of heart. A true miracle goes against nature. Like something supernatural.
My response to her comment: Hoarders absolutely do not like their stuff touched. The package was addressed to her son so it belonged to him, not her. My offense was worthy of death in her mind. I firmly believe God stopped her. There was no way she herself had a change of heart. She killed her son and took her own life after my visit. Do you really think she had a change of heart not to kill me? I don’t. God stayed her hand and I’m thankful He did.
Maybe I should have written about what happened to me as a young teenager. I went with our teen group to do “Soapbox Witnessing” on the street corner. Everyone else had given a short testimony, leaving me. I stepped up on the box and started talking. I heard someone else talking the whole time I was. I stopped and looked down the line. Everyone else was silent, watching me and waiting. I started again, knowing I had only a few more words to say. That same voice started speaking again as soon as I said the first word. I finished up and stepped down, annoyed by whoever did it. Out of the small crowd that surrounded us a woman approached me. She thanked me for what I said, telling me it was what she needed to hear. I don’t remember my reply, but I do remember wishing I had asked her what I said. Even though I heard the voice, I never understood the words. That still small voice inside told me that she heard what God wanted her to hear and I was simply the voice He used. As a new Christian it was easy for me to believe in God’s miracles. I never shared that event with anyone until I got older.
So, what is a miracle? Is it only something that goes against nature? Or is it something as simple as getting a nice rainfall after months of no rain. Was the manna God gave them in the wilderness a miracle or simply just feeding the crowd? We do CPR to restart a heart – is that not a miracle when it starts again?
I asked my classmates at Bible study this morning what they thought was a miracle. One thought it was the perception of the person experiencing it. Another clarified by adding, it might be a miracle to me but God’s providence to you. Everyone agreed that there are a lot of miracles that happen sight unseen.

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