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Writing Your “About Me” Page

August 25, 2018

Writing an ‘About Me’ page was the hardest thing for me to do. I could hardly find any articles that explained how to do it, and the ones I did find offered no examples or only confused me more. I finally read a handful from books I had and came up with a short paragraph.
I always thought mine was too stilted and boring. I truly dreaded doing it again with the next book. This article is by AutoCrit (August 8th, 2018) and while all the points are good there were several that stood out to me. My comments are italicized and not part of the article.
1. I never thought about taking this approach.
Take note of your audience
Write down a few things about the types of people who will visit your site. What will prompt them to visit your page? What will they be hoping to find when they get there? Think not only of your existing friends, family, and readers but people visiting your page in a professional capacity, like agents or editors.
2. Their example is great and I’ll have to work on cutting mine down.
Describe yourself in one sentence
Give yourself time to think about it. Tighten up the sentence to remove filler words and make sure it speaks with perfect clarity. Keep it short and powerful—this is your lede, so don’t bury it! For example:
“Johnny Jones is the author of five urban fantasy novels, including two New York Times Bestsellers.”
3. I thought it was supposed to be basically “just the facts, Ma’m.” I guess I still don’t quite understand this point.
Don’t just offer a list of facts. Let your readers know that there’s a real human behind the pages. Tell the story of your journey. Show people who you are, and let them know what you believe.
4. I thought it was supposed to be personal so the readers would get to know you – the author.
Don’t get too personal. When it comes to personal details, a little goes a long way. Limit the things you share to a few anecdotes that your readers will find relatable.
5. They summed it up nicely with:
Writing your About Me page doesn’t have to be a chore. Speak naturally about yourself and your experiences. Include only the highlights and a few fascinating personal details. Write with strength and clarity. Soon you’ll have a bio you can be proud of.
Need a little inspiration? Head to BookBub for some examples.

This is the link so you can read the full article: Read on to get started!

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