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My Birthday Storm

July 26, 2018

This year I got to celebrate my birthday starting on Friday, 7/20, when my classmates in Ladies Bible Study gave me a little party. They stuck a candle in a cinnamon roll and sang Happy Birthday to me. I had cards and one friend baked brownies for me to take home. It was such a sweet, totally unexpected surprise. Joyanna of Joy of Cakes left my cake in the refrigerator for me to pick up.
Saturday morning, my actual birthday, I met Rebecca for breakfast. The others cancelled because of rain. It was a yucky morning, but while we ate the rain stopped and the sun came out. So it became a nice morning after all. We ate at Low Country Grill and our two favorite guys stopped to speak us. Another guy stopped by briefly. He was holding a key ring that must have had 100 keys on it. It looked like it might be several smaller rings hooked together. There was no way that bunch was going to fit inside a man’s pants pocket and not have the guy walk without a limp!
[It gave me an idea for a character, but I need to find out why you needed that many and what they opened. I don’t know which story he’ll be in, but I expect him to show up soon. In the meantime, I want to start a list for uses for all those keys. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I’d like to find reasons for at least 50 keys.]
Rebecca treated me to breakfast as my birthday present. After breakfast I picked up a few groceries, including the ice cream to go with my birthday cake. There’s a law against having birthday cake without ice cream, isn’t there?
My husband had been busy while I was out. He put a card on my computer and a vase of flowers next to it. They’re mixed flowers with pink roses, daisies, yellow mums and baby’s breath.
Dinner plans fell through since my husband could not get a last minute reservation. So I cooked. I made pork chops. Shake ‘n Bake seasoned chops are my favorite. Mashed potatoes and green beans completed the menu.
My husband was not feeling well and went to bed without eating. He told me to wake him up when I was ready to have my cake and ice cream. I didn’t want to do that because he looked awful when he went to lie down. My son also went to bed while I was fixing dinner. He works at night doing his forging because it’s cooler. I had a nice dinner by myself.
I spent the next couple hours working on my computer and hoping someone would get up so we could have cake and ice cream. Around ten my son got up and reheated his dinner. I heard a soft rumble of thunder and went to clean up the kitchen. While I was putting the left-over mashed potatoes into a container, the lights blinked and went out.
Darkness abounded. The security light in our backyard was out as well. No moon shed a comforting glow. I stood still while my son got his pocket flashlight and made his way to the kitchen.
Flashes of lightning lit up the sky and surrounded the house. Thunder rumbled and rolled. Since I was little I have always loved a good storm. The more thunder and lightning the better! But this one was a bit much!
My son held the light and gave me a guiding hand so I could get to my recliner in the living room. He then went around lighting the candles and hurricane lamps. We now had light! One hurricane lamp always gets put in the bathroom to provide light for the necessities of nature.
About twenty minutes later the storm passed. I went out onto the front porch and saw that the whole neighborhood was dark. I called the power company and learned there were over 700 homes without power.
I chatted with my son for a bit and went to bed. I woke up at five-thirty. My husband was not in bed. I opened the bedroom door and saw light. Hurray!
Jack was watching golf and said he was feeling better. When he got up the power was off so he called the power company. The power came back on around four A.M.
We had birthday cake and ice cream for lunch on Sunday although I missed church because I was not feeling well. My Myasthenia Gravis had flared up, leaving me weak and exhausted feeling. I felt everyone of my seventy years that morning, but by Monday I felt young again and hope to keep that feeling for a long time.
It was fun to have three days of birthday celebrations!

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