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My 70th Birthday

July 21, 2018

The years slip by ever so quietly
Before you know it, youth is nearing old age
We never know what to expect
It’s not like a book where we turn the page

I’ve been through a lot – some good, some bad
Sharing love and joy with family and friends
Keeping God foremost in my mind and heart
Knowing that everything on Him depends

My husband’s been my one and only love
Since high school back in nineteen sixty-four
My three sons and grandson are so very dear
Only seventy? I wish I could have seventy more!

Many of my friends are in their eighties
You’re as young as you feel, they say
The number is not important at all
No big deal? It’s my seventieth birthday!

Milestones come and milestones go
Most with nothing more than a blink
What should I feel at seventy years old?
Oddly enough, I’m not sure what to think.

I became an adult at twenty-one
Middle-aged at merely thirty-five
Seventy – that number seems so daunting
Old? No, not yet. I feel truly alive!

Age is just a number, a way of keeping track
Age gives you wisdom and is nothing to fear
Age is what you make of it, so enjoy it
I’m glad God is with me and stays near

by Connie Terpack   July 20, 2018

I’m thinking of publishing this. If you know of or use a magazine that likes poetry, please let me know. I’ve looked at a few, but this poem either didn’t fit their genre, was too long, or did not pay. I’d like to earn an income with my writing, even though the pay for poetry was small. ~ Connie

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  1. Happy birthday. Great poem.

  2. Happy Birthday xx

  3. Love the poem xx

  4. Happy belated birthday! Happy wholesome well wishes always!

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