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One More Way to Make Coffee Wrong

July 19, 2018

Until today I thought we’d done all the wrong ways to brew a pot of coffee, but I missed one.
The coffee maker runs all day long around my house. My husband and son are both avid coffee drinkers. I like 1-2 cups in the morning and another cup in the evening, occasionally a second cup if it’s not too close to bedtime. There are a number of days I don’t drink any.
I knew when I married my husband he was a heavy coffee drinker. He grew up with a dad who drank coffee in between his beers. They had a 32-cup coffee urn that was started first thing in the morning and ran all day.
I can’t fault my husband for his love of coffee; after all, I was an avid sweet tea drinker. Back when we got married, I rarely drank coffee. I hated getting grounds in my cup and often found coffee was bitter, not matter how much cream and sugar I used.
Coffee makers have changed over the years. We had percolators when we first got married. I loved the sound they made as the coffee brewed. The new coffee makers make a variety of noises, none of which are as lovely as the burbling of the percolator. I do miss that.
We’ve been through quite a few coffee makers in our almost fifty years together. They all lasted roughly one year. We even spent over a hundred dollars on one thinking it would have a long life. It lasted around a year, like all the others. We went back to the cheap ones.
I did a post on how we’ve brewed coffee wrong over the years and thought we’d done them all:
Forgot the filter
Forgot the coffee
Forgot the water
Forgot to put the carafe back on the base
Forgot to turn the coffee maker on
Added fresh grounds to the old ones
Did not dump out the last cup of coffee left in pot and the coffee overflowed
Put in too much water and coffee overflowed
Didn’t put in enough grounds and the coffee looked like weak tea
Didn’t have the carafe seated correctly and coffee went all over the counter
According to my husband, having an empty coffeepot is so wrong.
Today I found another way: hit the wrong button, which only turned on the light.
This morning there was no coffee when I got I up. I put a pot on and went into the living room where my husband was watching golf. We chatted a few minutes and he went to refill his coffee and make me a cup. He came back empty-handed, informing me that I had only turned on the light. The sun was shining brightly through the window which is probably why I didn’t notice the light come on.
Our current coffee maker has 2 buttons on the left side: the top button turns it on to brew and the bottom button turns on the light. Easy goof to make, right?
Maybe they need to make a coffee maker with brains. One that would sound an alarm when it isn’t put together right.
Please share your wrong ways of making coffee or tea.

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