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Lost Glasses

June 26, 2018

Most of us who wear glasses have specific places to put them when they’re not on our face. Frequently, I see men pull theirs out of an upper shirt pocket.
I keep a folded handkerchief on my dresser to put my glasses on when I go to bed. I started that years ago to keep my glasses from being knocked around when I was trying to find them in the dark. It was easy to feel for the bit of cloth to the left of the mirrored tray. I did that so I wouldn’t have to turn on the light when my husband was sleeping.
I wear my reading glasses for doing things just about as much as I wear my regular glasses. When they’re not on my face I keep them in their case on the dining room table or lying on the table nearby. You also might find them inside their case in my purse.
My regular glasses can be in any one of a dozen places – on my face, my dresser, on the table beside whichever chair I sit in, on the dining room table as well as left lying on a kitchen counter or the bathroom sink. I can’t read with them on so I simply hold them while reading then slip them back on.
Sounds like I should never be able to find my glasses, but I’m not the one who lost theirs.
My husband normally takes his off and leaves them on the computer table in his tinkering room or on top of the upright piano with the car keys. He used to put them on his night table when he took a nap; however, the night table was replaced by the oxygen concentrator which has no place to set glasses on it.
Monday Jack took an afternoon nap and could not find his glasses when he got up. He used a flashlight to see if they’d fallen behind the piano. We looked on floors, counters and through the bedding. I had to leave for a Sertoma meeting and felt guilty for leaving him half blind.
With only two places that he ever puts them, it seemed mighty strange that he could not find them. I called him when I was headed home and asked him if he’d found his glasses. He said yes, but refused to tell me where. We had looked everywhere before I left. Three times in some locations! I couldn’t think of anywhere we hadn’t look.
After I got home he explained how he had forgotten that whenever he wore his glasses to bed he’d slip them into his slippers now that the table was gone. Slippers are a new thing for him. He’s only had them for a couple months, but I guess it doesn’t take long to form new habits.
He woke up and slipped his feet into his slippers then spent an hour hunting for his glasses. He’s complained of having numb feet, but I never realized they were that numb. He never felt his glasses!
After being squashed so badly, the glasses needed adjusted. He headed off as soon as they were open this morning to get them fixed. Maybe they should install beepers on our glasses so when they are misplaced we can phone them or use some sort of tracker to locate them.

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