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Why most books don’t sell much on Kindle

June 24, 2018

I’m as bad as a lot of others. I follow several authors and like their books. I’ve bought several, and have more I’d like to get. I have a lot of author friends and buy their books since we see each other often. Like Matthew, I don’t have an answer. I’ve asked the Lord to help, but I think He’s leaving this up to me.

Matthew Wright

There’s a new phenomenon out there for writers these days. It hasn’t got a name, but it’s there, and I suspect most of us have encountered it.

Click to buy…pleeeeeeaaasssee! (Whimper, whimper…)

You write a book. You decide to publish it yourself, spend a lot of money on cover artwork, proof-readers and so forth, and start revving up promotions on social media – blog, Twitter, various of the services and so on. It’s all carefully planned and designed to create a buzz. It takes hours of hard work.

Then the book’s released and – nothing.

A few sales trickle through. That’s it. After a while it’s sitting there at the two-millionth rank on the Amazon seller lists, and nothing you do seems to be able to shift it.

That happens to commercial publishers, too, who add Amazon Kindle to their ways of distributing and selling.

What’s going on is pretty…

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  1. Timely post. And so often true!

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