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Giggle Fit and Hot Coffee

May 31, 2018

For the past month or so my husband has been complaining of tired eyes. I’ve suggested he cut down on his computer time or take more frequent breaks. This morning we were in our recliners – yes, we’re a two recliner family – enjoying coffee and NCIS reruns. He mentioned something about being in the dark with reference to the show.
After he finished his comment I said, “You said the word ‘dark’ which reminded me of my thought I had last night.” I use his computer to play solitaire when I take my bedtime meds. “My eyes bothered me last night and I only used your computer for about an hour. Do you think the computer light could be messed up?”
I got his famous look (kind of like “Are you crazy?” or maybe “Seriously?”) along with an out-stretched arm and the whoosh of a plane flying off. “There she’s goes again.”
I figured by explaining what triggered my thought that would make a difference, but it didn’t. He did his flying thing with his other hand and the same sound effect. “Off into the wild blue yonder, in her own little world.”
I went into a giggle fit. Often they hit by surprise and today was no exception. I started out with a little tittering laugh and it built into a full blown giggle fit. The problem was the cup of hot coffee resting on my upper chest – totally forgotten. I was holding it, but the giggle fit had control.
Still in my scooped-neck nightgown, the hot liquid splashed onto my bare skin and started running down my chest. I whooped and hollered, splashing more coffee in the process. My gown quickly soaked up some of it, but I needed a towel for the rest.
“Give me a towel!” I yelled as I set my coffee down.
Laughing hysterically, Jack grabbed a paper napkin out of the wastebasket beside his chair and tossed it to me. Yes, I was horrified to use a dirty napkin, but being desperate I didn’t care. It dissolved rather quickly, and he finally thought to throw me the cloth napkin on the arm of his chair.
You would have thought that having hot coffee on your skin would be enough to stop a giggle fit, but I’m laughing as hard as Jack. Granted the coffee was not hot enough to leave a red mark, but it was still uncomfortably warm.
We’ve had 49 years together, so you’d think he would have learned my quirkiness by now. I guess that makes us even since there are days I don’t understand what he’s thinking either. Knowing that’s pretty much normal for couples doesn’t help a bit!
We did further discuss the possibility of the computer light being part of the problem for my husband’s eye discomfort. Our original thought had been developing cataracts as the culprit. We both spend way too much time at our computers, but didn’t want to consider that as a problem since we take breaks. We have frequent power outages when a storm comes through. Sometimes they last only for a second, like someone flipped a switch on and off. I wondered if those outages could change the light setting on the computer. He decided to play with the light to see if changing the brightness made a difference.
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(Here’s what happens to your body when you drink coffee every day.)


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  1. Now I have to know if you figured it out!

    • I remembered to ask him that morning. He brightened it, but said that didn’t make much of a difference yet. I promptly forgot about it. Shame on me. I’ve made me a reminder note to ask him in the morning. Oddly, he has complained so maybe it’s helped.

    • I see I made a typo in the last sentence of my answer. It was supposed to say “Oddly, he has not complained…” How many times can you read something and still not see the mistake???
      Anyway, I asked Jack just now as he walked past and he said the headaches and tired eyes have quit bothering him. Have you tried adjusting your brightness? Maybe I should look up computer brightness and do a blog on that.

  2. Thank you. I’ll let him know. I’m trying to keep both of us alive for our 50th wedding anniversary next year! I hope the Lord will let us have a long life.

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