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The Guns Are Talking!!

May 26, 2018

I love Tom’s poetry. He is so creative and expressive. This was on Facebook yesterday. The title is mine since he didn’t have one. I wanted to use “ablazin’,” but couldn’t figure out if it needed an apostrophe between the ‘a’ and ‘b’ or not. It looked funny the way I did it. Please, enjoy this and visit his site. ~ Connie

Tom Graffagnino
12 hrs ·

I sat down near some Revolvers,
And I listened as they spoke.
Pretty soon the Rifles joined ‘em…
Then and there, friend, I got “woke”.
They discussed the current problem
That is plaguing them today.
I was certainly enlightened
Hearing what they had to say.
They were all quite animated,
As they bantered to and fro:
Some said “Regulate the triggers!”
Others…“Bullets have to go!”
Some said,…”Rid the world of Powder!”
Some said…“No! Get rid of steel!”
Some yelled “No more metallurgy!”
Then they all said…”Let’s get REAL…”
Then they turned and stared right at me.
They all seemed to understand.
Barrels turned in my direction.
“Look! The problem is THE MAN!

* * *
“It was in my prison camp that for the first time I understood reality. It was there that I realized that the line between good and evil passes not between political parties, not between classes, but down, straight down each individual human heart.” –Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

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