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Guest Post – The Role of Sports: WW II by GPCox

May 20, 2018

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

GPCox  shares the role sports played during World War II in entertaining those left at home. Sports was a diversion from the everyday reports of how the war was progressing in the various fronts around the world.

By: gpcox

Chesterfield ad

Chesterfield ad

The movies and newsreels of WWII provided information and diversion for many at the home front, but none could provide the escape and release of stress for the civilian as much as sports.

South Florida maintained a carnival atmosphere with the Hialeah Race Track and West Flagler Kennel Club, which took in $100,000 nightly – just to prove my point.  And, somehow, travel restrictions did not deter the action at Miami’s Tropical Park.  Horse racing went on, despite the war, in every country.  All in all, racing boomed as the 68thrunning of the Kentucky Derby went off with 100,000 in the crowd.  Unfortunately, this was…

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  1. Thank you for helping to share this story.
    I see Mike Tuggle follows your site here. I was honored to be able to do a post for his father who passed away recently.

    • I thought the name sounded familiar. I may have planned to share that one also. I still have several more of yours to share.

      • Much appreciated. The guys deserve all the credit they can get.

  2. Really good article, GP. Thanks.

    • I love his writing. I was never much interested in reading about the military, but his articles can’t help but draw you in.

  3. quirkywritingcorner – Thank you for the re-blog. I am happy to share GP’s Guest Posts. They help flesh out my families stories.

    • My dad fought in WW2 and I know he did a stint over in Europe, but he’d never talk much about it. It helps me to understand better when I read other blogs about it.

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