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A little bit fat

April 30, 2018

I’d rather be thinner. I felt more comfortable and liked how my clothes fit. Besides, clothes are cheaper in regular sizes. I realize there is a bit of extra fabric needed, but the petite sizes were not discounted. Also, you don’t have to put up with rude comments. One doctor told me if I’d shut my mouth, I’d lose weight. I used to think that too. The only weight I lost was the hefty check I wrote for his visit.

Patricia Johns

My in-laws come from central Africa, so their way of saying things is different than I was used to. For example, talking about where you work is considered a very personal conversation topic, but discussing who you’re related to is like talking about the weather. So we all had a learning curve when getting to know each other after I married my husband.

The biggest adjustment was the casual discussion of weight.

Now, for them, pointing out when someone has gained or lost a few pounds is no biggie. They’d say things like, “Oh, look at you! You’re getting a little bit fat!” And I’d be stricken, and they’d wonder what they said wrong. “But she is. I don’t understand. Look, right here.”

Here in North America, “fat” has come to mean all sorts of things that have nothing to do with your BMI. “Fat” means ugly, unattractive, stupid, and…

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  1. There is nothing worse than the insults. I’ve gotten a few, too. I hope you were able to shrug off the ugly words and see that you’re gorgeous!

    Thanks for the reblog!

    • Your welcome for the reblog. I have more of yours I plan to reblog along with quite a few of my other followers.
      I don’t think the rudeness bothers me like it used to since I’ve learned it isn’t about calorie intake.
      You did give me a laugh. At 70, ‘gorgeous’ is not a word I would use for me. Maybe “nice looking” or even “pretty” some days! Thank you for the encouragement.

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