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Writing Talent or Just hard Work?

April 18, 2018

The words are there, when you open a dictionary, even when
you see it sitting on the bookshelves, all the words.
The same ones that Shakespeare, Cervantes and
many other writers used to pen their masterpieces.
Why can I not put them together and create
something meaningful, beautiful, even entertaining?
I suppose that is why they are called the geniuses,
the prolific ones, called now the Best Sellers.
Is writing a matter of dedication, know how,
sweat and tears? What roles do inspiration,
intelligence, talent play?
Am I losing time trying to write something that
I am not suited for? Or is it that I am not
trying harder, with total dedication?
Well, until I find out, I will keep trying
and hope that, sooner or later, I will get my answer
and it may be a masterpiece.

Jorge Castillo
Jan 2018

Jorge is originally from Venezuela and a member of our writer’s guild. He has allowed me to share his poetry on my blog. ~ Connie

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  1. I love this, and ode to all writers l feel 🙂

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