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Oops! Power Outage – again

April 17, 2018

Last night my son and I were at our computers and my husband was in the kitchen working on the seafood bisque for a late dinner. The television played in the living room, more for background noise since no one was watching it.
Around 8:30pm all the lights went out and the desktop computers blinked off. My laptop remained functional, but since I didn’t was to wear down the battery, I saved my work and shut it down. We got a call from the power company that there was a problem and they were working on it. It may seem silly for them to do that, but I appreciate it. We have to press a button to let them know if we have power or not. So it’s helpful to them to know how extensive the problem is.
We were in total black out. The town square across the road from our house was totally dark. No street lights. That area is on a different line than ours. The security light in our back yard was out. Something is really wrong. Even when our house lights go out, that security light stays on and gives us a bit of light in the kitchen and bathroom.
My husband had just added the shrimp to the bisque when the power went off. It needed a few minutes for the shrimp to warm up and we could eat. We have a gas cooktop with an electric oven. Since the burner was already lit he could finish cooking.
We’ve had the seafood bisque one other time and loved it. I plan for it to be a regular on the home menu, especially since my husband makes it! He got the recipe online and I’ll share it in another post.
My son started lighting candles and the kerosene lanterns. He forged several of my candleholders. I have one chest drawer of nothing but candles and candleholders. I keep a number of candles out as decoration, and they’re ready in case of an emergency. I used to keep a small pack of matches with the one holder in the hallway, but having smokers in the house, each pack disappeared almost instantly.
My husband got one of the larger candles to work by. He had not much left to do except stirring. My soup pot holds 12 quarts. We love soups and I usually make enough for several days. I make my mother-in-law’s vegetable soup, my mother’s potato soup, her ham and Navy bean soup, my own chicken corn chowder, and Jack makes this bisque. I have a few more recipes for some new soups to try.
Jack stirred the soup a few more times then turned off the fire and went to his computer. I think it was out of habit since his wasn’t working. We let the soup mellow.
The smell was too enticing to wait long. My son got a bowlful and started yumming and oohing with the first bite. I got a bowlful and had to agree. It was better than the first time. Jack likes to add potatoes even though the recipe does not call for them. He says they had flavor and creaminess.
I ate two bowlfuls and agreed with my son that it was more flavorful than the last time. I think it was more a memory thing than a true difference. My husband went to bed and didn’t eat.
Even with all the candles, it was too dark to do much. My son went to bed. I headed to my own after blowing out the candles. I left the kerosene lanterns go on burning. I always worry about fires when I use the candles. I prefer unscented candles so there isn’t such a cacophony of odors when we use three or four.
I put two small candles in one large glass ashtray. Those were made cheaply and really don’t deserve to be called candles. The one’s wick would not stand up and it quickly melted into a puddle.
Jack was still awake when I crawled under the covers. We chatted a bit. I reminded him of my blood work appointment in the morning and to get me up at 6:45am. Since I couldn’t set the alarm on the radio’s clock, I had no idea if I’d wake up early enough. He sleeps poorly and I was figuring he’d be up early.
We’d be quiet a few minutes, hoping to fall asleep, but usually ending up chatting again. Suddenly the reading light on our headboard lit up!
Yay! Power’s back. It had been off about 90 minutes which wasn’t too bad. Everywhere we’ve lived we’ve lost power, sometimes it’s been merely a blink and the longest time had been 6 days. I’m getting to be a pro about power failures.
The utility company called to let us know the power was back on. I pressed #1 to let them know we had power. The message informed us that 1,413 subscribers had been affected by the black-out!

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