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49th Wedding Anniversary

April 16, 2018

April 15, Sunday, my husband and I celebrated our 49th wedding anniversary!
When we got married I didn’t think about anniversaries that far in advance. Does anyone? I know we promised to love until “death do us part,” but…
You know how they list different items like paper, wood, china, silver, or gold for the different years. Well, they stop doing that somewhere along the line. Last year I wrote a poem for our anniversary and had it framed. This year I could not come up with a poem or anything else, so a nice dinner was our gift to each other.
I did a rather silly thing with my church offering. I gave $49.
We went to the Inn on the Square for our celebration. We like eating there because they have good food, reasonable prices and a nice atmosphere. Tonight was no exception. The main dining room was closed so we ate in the bar and ordered from their menu. The bar, named Fox and Hound, looked like most others with the exception of not being smoke-filled. Flat screens lined the walls. My husband watched some golf.
All the tables were vacant and only two men were sitting at the bar when we arrived. My husband told the bartender that we were there to celebrate our 49th wedding anniversary. One of the men introduced himself–Bobby–and offered to buy us a drink. We thanked him and ordered Vodka and Cokes.
Rebecca was the bartender/waitress and made us feel welcome. She was a lovely young woman who loved her job. That makes a difference when you have someone who enjoys being there and not someone who has to be there. She wore her hair in 2 braids which we called pigtails when I was young. I decided I needed to create a character with pigtails like hers.
Rebecca took our orders and called them to the kitchen. When they were ready she had to walk to the kitchen to pick them up. I got Fish and Chips which was fried cod with French fries. My husband got the Shrimp Diablo, a shrimp with pasta. He liked it because it had some “kick” to it, and added that he would have liked more shrimp in it. We’re both shrimp lovers so a whole pound may still not have been enough for him!
After we finished our main courses Rebecca asked if we’d like dessert. We both selected the cheesecake. I learned the bakery chef was only 18, but she did a superb job on the cheesecake. Rebecca returned with the prettiest platter. She had written Happy Anniversary in chocolate syrup on the plate, squeezing in a chocolate heart along the edge. There were strawberry slices scattered around the plate and a few nestled on top of the cheesecake. She told me it took her three tries to get the writing neat enough so you could read it.
The weather turned nasty while we were there. Rain poured down and the wind blew hard enough to bend the trees. We had planned to go to Walmart to pick up a few things, but I did not want to chase around in bad weather. The streets were flooded. You can guess we had lots of water sprayed up on the windshield from the huge puddles. I hate not being able to see the road even when I’m only the passenger!
Let me clarify about my drinking. I generally don’t drink alcoholic beverages because it sets a bad example since I’m a Christian, and also it’s not something I particularly enjoy. Most Christians believe drinking is a definite no-no. I don’t see it as wrong to have an occasional drink. My last drink was a year ago when we were given a bottle of wine for that anniversary. Before that, I don’t know – probably ten years or longer. Maybe that’s why God allowed me to have Myasthenia Gravis. It can make me stagger and slur my speech which makes me look drunk.

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