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4:00 AM Adventure

March 26, 2018

by Connie Terpack

Things happen and not always suited to a convenient time table.
It’s in the wee hours of this past Sunday morning–around 4:00 AM, a man knocked at our door asking for help. We live in a small country community which rolls the sidewalks up at ten o’clock. Our dining room light shines into the side yard. He probably saw the light and figured someone was awake to help.
My son was at his computer in the dining room. He likes to work his forge during the night when it’s cooler.
The man asked for help to get his car out of the ditch across the street from our house. Vaughn went out to take a look and see if his truck could do it.
In the meantime, my husband Jack woke up for a restroom call. He noticed Vaughn’s bedroom door open, but did not see him anywhere. Jack looked out and saw that the shop light was off which meant he wasn’t there. Wide awake now, Jack put on his glasses and sat down at his computer. Then he heard the front door open. Vaughn came in and asked if the tractor could pull a car out of the ditch.
Jack went over to check on the situation and decided he could. The guy explained that he had dropped his girlfriend off and was using GPS to find his way to Greenville. He managed to get turned around, lost, and in the ditch. Hmm. Maybe his GPS had a little too much to drink?
Jack got his tractor, a red Mahindra, and hooked the car to the front end. As the chain tightened, the angle and weight of the car pulled up the rear end of the tractor taking away all the traction. Jack moved the chain to the rear end of the tractor and easily pulled him out.
I had stayed up late, not going to bed until one o’clock. Sounds of a male voice slowly pulled me awake. My first thought was the cable guy was here. He was supposed to come between eight and twelve Sunday morning. That was odd, but my husband assured me that was what he was told.
As I became more awake, I recognized my son’s deep voice and figured he was talking to the cable guy. I truly did not want to be up. Finally, I opened my eyes. Hmm. Still dark. I looked at the time on the clock–5:13. No cable guy was coming that early!
I looked over to where my husband should be. He’s gone. I got up and ventured out in my flannel nightgown and mussed hair.
No strange men in the house. My husband and son were discussing their adventure. Of course, I had to know what happened. After my husband told me, I questioned if the guy had been drunk. He said he never acted like he was nor did his breath smell of alcohol.

Wide awake there was no point in trying to go back to sleep. I sat at my computer (yes, we’re a three computer family) and wrote their story. Church didn’t start until ten-thirty. I had a cup of coffee and read emails to kill some time.
Here’s my son’s link if you’d like to see his work:

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