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February: Short on Days, Long on Sorrow

February 16, 2018

February is barely half over, but it’s been a full month already. I’ve had three friends and my sister pass away. All the while spending two weeks being sick.
My doctor tested me for the flu, so we know it wasn’t that; but had no answer for what it really was. The medication worked and that’s all I cared about. My husband and son had to do dishes and the cooking. The laundry and dusting waited for me to feel better.
I did mention to my doctor about the filthy house I helped clean and wondered if I’d picked up a bug from that. While Guinn was in the hospital, my friend and I walked through his tiny duplex. The kitchen sink had some water and a large pile of dirty dishes. The floors were littered with clothes and trash. That’s all I’ll bother to describe. I don’t want to gross anyone out.
I picked up the largest bits of trash then swept the broken glass around the front door. I think I breathed in contaminated dust from sweeping that area. I never went back to his place to do anymore cleaning.
Guinn died while in ICU and I could not visit because of my illness. I may not have known him well, but I was still saddened by his death. I think part of me was upset because I missed the signs of his alcoholism. I knew he drank some, but never realized how much.
I didn’t know Cindy’s mother that well, only seeing her on Sunday mornings to say hello during greeting time, yet I was still deeply saddened by her passing. The service was at her church which was set in the country. The peaceful serene surroundings were perfect for the service.
Then I get the news that my sister Judy passed away. She had beaten cancer twice before, but this time breast cancer took her life. She’d been living in California for twenty years or more, and had the accent and rapid speech of a native! I could not go to her funeral, but they weren’t having one anyway. She wanted to be cremated and have her ashes scattered.
Wednesday was the funeral for my pastor’s mother. Carolyn was a dear person and active in the church. She started having memory issues then her physical health began to fail. She will be greatly missed by all of us. It’s a huge comfort knowing she is with Jesus and happy.
I missed her funeral because of not feeling well. I had an extremely busy week and woke up Wednesday with a deep fatigue and balance issues. It’s hard to walk when the earth doesn’t stay still!
This evening I had a rock club meeting. We learned how to twist wire to hold a rock for making jewelry. Thinking it would be easy, I picked out a blue and white round rock. Shaping the wire looked easier than it actually was! I still had fun. It was uplifting to be with friends, doing something new and interesting.
Several years ago I wrote an article about the rock club for the Greenwood Magazine. Because I wanted to write a story about the rocks I played with as a child I joined the club. Bad thing is I can only remember marble-size dark blue ‘glass’ embedded in the rocks. There were other colors, but I’m not sure what they were. We also had tons of stone “eggs” which I’ve learned may have had crystals inside. I really wished I’d saved a bag of rocks like the girl in my story. They might have been worth something today!
Later, I’ll do a blog on my book signing. I’ll post some suggestions which might help your next book signing.

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  1. So sorry for all of your losses. May they all rest in eternal peace.

    You have had a difficult month. With so much sadness, your defenses were weakened making you vulnerable to illness.

    From the bottom of my heart I hope you feel better. My you and your find peace in the knowledge that your friends and loved ones are in a better place. God bless.

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