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Toledo Art Museum

February 12, 2018

Embrace Serendipity

201801301248094108It wasn’t a very pretty day outside, but indoors we took a trip into the past in more ways than one.  The works of art, mostly from times gone bye gave us pause.  So did the architecture and opulence of this lovely 1912 building.201801301045034076

Many people know the Toledo Art Musem as the home of this image by Cole, one of the works that the museum thinks epitomize it’s collection but to be honest I was in a bit of a private-appreciation-zone during our visit that had nothing to do with their most cherished pieces.

Yes, I do enjoy things like the realistic masters and I do love the intricasies of fine work.  But to be truthful, I found myself on this visit paying more attention to certain details, and to the intricasies of the frames than I did to the overall pieces of art.

Because I don’t paint or…

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