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Forms of Expression

February 9, 2018

Faith Filled Friday – I liked his comment that none of us have a blueprint for life. We need God in our lives and I’m happy in He’s in mine.

Life Unscripted

you-are-hereIt seems to me that most quotations about photography apply metaphorically to life just as well as they do to images.  I think that this little nugget from Ansel Adams really hits an important nail on the head.

I have found that every experience
is a form of exploration.

–Ansel Adams

None of us has a blueprint for life.  We like to think we do.  We make plans, we talk a good tale, but the fact is that we are all making calculated guesses about what’s the right way to live; who are the right people to befriend; what are the values that really matter, etc..

Every experience, indeed life itself, is a form of exploration.  We put our faith into our world view — whether it’s educated or ignorant, whether it’s considered or slipshod — and that’s how we go through life.  We tinker our way through life.  Some…

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