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My Trials of Writing

February 4, 2018

I decided to share with you a bit about the book I’m working on – A Sign for Love. I finished this novel ages ago and never did anything with it. Then my old computer died and took my novel with it. Fortunately, I had a typed copy so I retyped it into my new computer. I gave my sister a copy to read. She loved it, but I still did nothing with it. I didn’t think it had enough action and could not think of anything different for it. It waited a few more years.
I wrote and published Dana’s Dilemma. I designed it as a quick but enjoyable read. Being a first book by a new author were two strikes against me. The publisher printing it in 9-font was the third strike. I finished another novel, but it’s still not ready for publication. One day my sister Joan asked why I never did anything with the book she liked. She was my incentive to try again.
Somewhere along the line I had added several sex scenes. Sex sells according to most people. Cindy who does my editing encouraged me to write in the Christian series since there were not enough good books in that category. I’ve learned to take Cindy’s advice. One time I disagreed with one of her changes. She explained why she thought it would be best. It wasn’t what I wanted or thought my character wanted, and I planned to leave it in. As I worked on the editing changes I ended up making the change she had suggested. It fell into place beautifully. Much to my chagrin.
Months ago I eliminated most of the beginning. It was too slow and boring. Then I had trouble with what to do next. I looked at my character page. I had little filled in about them and everything I’ve read about characters say they need a lifetime of information. So I worked on developing the characters better. A Sign for Love was taking shape nicely.
While rewriting the first chapter I learned Jennifer (Primary Character) had a fear of darkness. I was surprised. That was not something I had thought of, let alone planned!
Jennifer has 2 adversaries and I couldn’t remember who was pulling which stunt. So I included that in with the characters. Having 2 adversaries is supposed to be a secret so forget that point when you’re reading the book.
The main premise of the book is that Jennifer is hearing but had to pretend to be deaf to help out at the camp. Jennifer knows ASL very well because she is good friends with Rita (Secondary Character) and a substitute teacher at the school. The school required deaf teachers at the camp. The headmaster okayed Jennifer helping out since this was an unexpected event.
Jennifer planned to stay the week after the students left so she could take photos. Her reputation got her a free stay if she gave them photos not used for her article. She meets Jack in chapter one and learns he’s on the school board so she has to continue to her ruse. Being a new Christian Jennifer feels like she is lying even though the headmistress told her to play deaf.
Rita and Vincent (Jack’s younger brother) meet and instantly connect. Vince is agile with ASL whereas Jack is not. They often double date to make Jack’s life easier. I’ve thought about doing a spin-off book with Rita and Vince, but haven’t made up my mind yet.
My biggest problem has been working in their faith naturally. Maybe it will come as I write more. The second problem was cell phones. They weren’t in use when I started this book. Texting would simplify life, but I didn’t want such an easy solution. Time to go write. Thanks for listening.  ~ Connie

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  1. The ups and downs of writing life… keep on telling the stories, it will all come out right in the end!

  2. I hope you caught my typo; I meant “tough”.

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