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Where’s the Moon?

January 31, 2018

Genesis 1:16 ESV
And God made the two great lights—the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night—and the stars.
Psalm 104:19 ESV
He made the moon to mark the seasons; the sun knows its time for setting.
Psalm 148:3 ESV
Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars!

Last night (January 31) we had a blue moon. The moon is normally white when I’ve looked at, but I figured it could be blue depending on weather or cloud conditions. Or it was simply a figure of speech that when someone was sad, the man in the moon was blue also.
I can see the moon rising over the tree tops when I look out the dining room window while working at my computer, and had marked my calendar to look at the moon last night. I saw no moon and figured clouds were blocking it. After hearing the TV news say that the blue moon would best be seen on the west coast which is opposite to me, I didn’t bother to go outside. I was a little disappointed.
About two in the morning my son Vaughn exuberantly said, “Come on. Gotta see the moon.” He stood there fiddling with his camera.
I got up and asked him, “Where’s it at?”
He guffawed. “Where? It’s up in the sky! Where do you think it’d be!”
Having a husband and three grown sons you’d think I would have learned by now that men simply don’t think the way a woman does. Primarily, I wanted to know the location of the moon in the sky. Yes, I knew the moon was in the sky. I’m not that senile – yet. My thinking was where would I get the best view – front or back.
We have the standard front and back doors like most old homes. The back door has four steps and uneven ground. I would have put on my shoes even for the few minutes I would have been outside.
As we’re talking, I followed Vaughn to the front door which basically answered my question. I had to take his good-natured ribbing the whole time!
Disappointingly, the moon was not blue. It was a brilliant white and much larger than usual. I wasn’t sure if it looked bigger because it was closer or because of the brightness. It was still cool to see.
My husband ribbed me about it this morning which made me decide to do a blog in my defense.

I borrowed a few verses from Bible Verses about the Sun, Moon, and Stars  by Heather C. King. You might want to visit her site to read more. She has picked out Bible verses for just about everything. I’ve used her several times for Faith Filled Friday blogs.

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  1. I love the way you tied in our current night sky with Biblical verses. Enjoy the moon.

    God Bless.

  2. Thank you. It surprised me how many verses there were that referred to the night sky.

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