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January 20, 2018

Since I’m not feeling well today and don’t plan to go out, I’m not doing the blog I had planned to. So I thought I would post some links that I wanted to share anyway. They’re from a variety of places and I have not looked at all of them.
Yesterday I talked funny and had a runny nose, but felt fine otherwise. Today I’m more hoarse, tired, achy, and plugged up
To update you on Jim and Judy. Neither one is doing well. Rebecca told me today that Jim will probably not get off the ventilator. He had shown a tiny improvement but it didn’t last long. My sister in Texas called me to let me she heard from Judy’s granddaughter and Judy is not doing well. Please keep us all in your prayers.  ~ Connie

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Just A Common Soldier
A deeply moving poem about an old Veteran who told his war stories before he passed away and the kind of men that these Veterans are.

The 17 Best Pieces of Advice from Flawless Graduation Speeches

Read a Book and Develop Super Powers! [Infographic]

15 Book publicity commandments

What’s the best time to publish your book?

How should a Christian treat his/her boss?

Teaching Our Children to Pray

26 Hilarious Tweets from Parents Who Already Can’t Wait for Summer to End

Here’s What a Burglar Won’t Tell You
Take a look inside the mind of criminals before it’s too late.
Protect yourself »

Here is the perfect way to end an email — and 27 sign-offs you should usually avoid

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  1. Ssameera :) permalink

    I pray that God showers blessings on you and your loved ones 🙂 take care ❤

  2. Thank you for sharing these links

    • Your welcome. I hope you found them as helpful as I did. I still have 2 to read, but I’m saving those for when I feel better.

  3. Thank you. I saw the doctor today and feel a bit better. They flu swab was negative so I don’t know what I have.

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