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Crossing Guard Thinks No One Is Watching

January 2, 2018

Morning Story and Dilbert

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The world today is both an amazing and, sometimes, scary place – and those two things converge nowhere like with our children.

In bygone days, children were essentially left free to roam about with little concern for their safety. Everyone has an older relatively who would talk about the treacherous trek they’d have to make to go to school. Things like “crossing guards” didn’t exist for them.

The concept is one that makes perfect sense: a public safety officer stands guard at intersections children have to cross to make their way to school. It helps keep them safe from drivers distracted by their coffee, make-up, or the radio on their commute to work.

These guards also give kids a hopefully, friendly face to say “good morning” to each day. However, in North Carolina, winters can be cold, unforgiving, and leave people of all ages in no mood to chat.


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  1. Agreed! I remember a crossing guard from my childhood. He was wonderful and became a good family friend! 🙂

    • Sadly I don’t remember any of mine or my kids. I think they quit using crossing guards sometime during my kids’ childhood. When I was a teenager I almost waked in front of a car after I got off a regular bus. I was so used to having traffic stop for the school bus that when I got off I walked around the front of the bus, heading across the street. I think my guardian angel yelled at me to stop and I did. I was still in front of the bus and I peeked around just in time to see a car race past. If I’d taken one more step, I wouldn’t be typing this now.

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