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Ketchup at Midnight

November 29, 2017

Jack and I have been married for nearly 50 years. You’d think he’d know by now how quirky my mind works.
We had our kitchen remodeled several years ago. I wanted more cabinets and my husband wanted an island with the stove in it. We had a large microwave that sat on the counter. It was one of the early versions and large enough to hold a whole turkey. We had to replace a fuse, but other than that it was still working fine for being over 20 years old.
The contractor recommended going with a smaller microwave that would fit into the cubbyhole he would make for it. We also added an outlet so the cord would be out of the way.
It worked fine until a couple months ago. My husband pulled the microwave out of its slot and put it on the counter. The microwave worked fine there, so it was ruled out as the problem. The cubbyhole became a place to keep the boxes of large tea bags, food bars, and an errant screwdriver.
Another problem linked to this was the bottled dressings I kept in the back pantry had gone bad. That pantry has no heat or air conditioning. Summers can be pretty hot here in the South. With the kitchen remodel we had a pantry put into the corner. I moved some of the bottles inside. Those shelves are dark and deep. We got little stick-on lights, but they wouldn’t stick – technically the base stuck, but the the top part would fall off every time you pressed them. They connected with a very small twist which apparently wasn’t strong enough to keep them together. Not a totally loss – we used them like a flashlight.
I left three bottles of Ranch and one of Italian dressing beside the microwave for two reasons–remind me to check them before use, and that I didn’t need to buy any more. We use about 2 bottles of Ranch dressing a year so apparently I wasn’t paying attention to what I had! I also set a new bottle of ketchup with the dressings to remind me to check on how many of those I had.
Thanksgiving rolled around and now the microwave is where the roaster for the turkey went. To make room for the big roaster, Jack moved all the bottles back to the very pantry I didn’t want them in. He finally fixed the outlet (lose wire) and put the microwave back into its cubbyhole. Shortly afterwards my son was looking for ketchup for his sandwich. I told him it was beside the microwave which now was not there. He said he also looked in the pantry and didn’t see it. Jack was out so I couldn’t ask him and didn’t think about it when he was around.
I didn’t think about it again until we were in bed. Out of the blue, I asked Jack about the ketchup. He told me he put it in the pantry, but didn’t know which one. After a brief pause he asked what brought that to mind especially at midnight.
I had a giggle fit. Laughter is supposed to be the best medicine. When I have a giggle fit I’m getting a heavy dose! My giggling fit can last two to three minutes. Even after I stop, I may burst out again a few minutes later.
Ever since then Jack finds some way to comment about my bringing up the ketchup at midnight. For as funny as most of them have been, I can’t think of one to include in my blog!
Oh, I did find the ketchup in the back pantry and put it in the fridge.

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