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The treat of wall to wall carpeting

November 20, 2017

I have to agree. The tile floor in every bathroom I have ever been barefoot in feels a lot colder than even the one in the kitchen. The laundry room in my house has no heat or air conditioning. It has a wooden floor and feels warmer on cold mornings than the bathroom does!

Embrace Serendipity

Do you do that cold floor dance?

Ok — so I know I’m just being silly.  But this morning, with the outside temps in the 30’s and it being nice and warm inside I couldn’t help but give thanks for the luxury of wall to wall carpeting!

We’ve lived in well over a dozen different homes and two RV’s.  Among them we’ve had homes with carpeting and homes with bare floors and rugs.  Sometimes we’ve come to live in a home with carpeting only to remove it and find contentment with hardwood floors and oriental rugs.  In fact right now we have wall-to-wall carpeting and we have spread a couple of our rugs over that even though that’s not the best thing for the rugs because I missed living with them.

But the luxury of wall-to-wall is that you don’t have to get out of bed and put your tootsies…

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