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A Deep Loss

October 29, 2017

My husband’s cousin Dave passed away on 10/27.
He seemed restless and unable to sleep. Carole sat beside him and held his hand, chattering away to calm him. She noticed his oxygen was not working right and checked his pulse ox. It barely registered a 3! She felt for chest movement. There was none.
Hospice was already caring for him, so Carole called them. They came and took over.
Dave was one year older than Jack. They grew up like brothers rather than cousins. Jack has two younger sisters and Dave was an only child. They did everything together as kids.
Jack and I married in 1969. Dave met Carole at his office and before long they were married. They have a son and a daughter.
Dave loved to deer hunt as much as or more than Jack. After we moved south Jack traveled back to Pittsburgh every year to hunt with Dave and his other cousins. Those trips he made by himself and stayed one or two weeks, depending on how much vacation time he had.
About seven years ago Dave bought some acreage near his home strictly for deer hunting – “The Deer Lands.” The guys that loved to hunt helped clear trails, put up deer stands, or whatever was needed. Because of the travel distance, Jack had the job of sorting out the photos from the trail cameras set up all over the property. Dave mailed down the camera chips which Jack downloaded, sorted, and posted the best photos.
For the past couple years they saw a deer in the photos with a rack that stood almost straight up. They dubbed him “Too Tall” and good naturedly argued over which one of them would bag it. Jack saw it once but never got a good shot. Last archery hunting season Dave shot it. When Jack went to help he recognized the deer and told Dave he wasn’t getting it. He was keeping it. Dave hadn’t recognized “Too Tall” in person. Naturally, Dave got the rack, but he shared some of the meat with us. For as much as they both loved hunting, a rack was not enough to create any true animosity between them.
Today Jack showed me aerial shots of the hunting property. He pointed out a couple feeding plots, the areas where he had his heart attack and where Dave’s stand was. It gave me an idea of the distance he had to travel. He pointed out where he had cut his knee with a chainsaw. On the screen they all looked about an inch or two apart. The leg injury happened on the visit he had gone up to help clear an area to build a hunting blind.
Roughly six months ago Dave was diagnosed with cancer of the brain lining. I don’t know what all was done for him, but I do know he became weaker over a short time. Friday evening Carole called to tell us that Dave could no longer walk. She finally relented about calling other family members to let them know about Dave’s condition. Jack had not talked to most of his cousins in years. It’s a shame how easy it is to lose touch simply by being busy living your life and working.
Saturday morning we got the call that Dave had passed. We both took it hard. Writing this post is difficult for me. I can’t type through water-filled eyes.
We’ll be going up to Pittsburgh next weekend. Dave did not want a funeral service, more of a memorial service. Please, keep us all in your prayers.  ~ Connie

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  1. So sorry to hear of your loss. Wishing you strength and trust in God with all of your undergoings. Condolences to your family.

  2. My condolences to you and your family in this tough time. While you deal with the pain of your loss, I hope you are able to find true comfort in the Scriptures – Revelation 21:4

  3. Thank you for your kindness and the scripture verse. I’ve heard it often, but never remembered it’s address. It was nice to read it again.

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