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I Hit the SEND Button

October 26, 2017

I sat for five minutes or more with my finger poised over the SEND button.
Didn’t I need to read the article again – for the umpteenth time?
Shouldn’t I get someone else to read it again – just to be sure?
Maybe I should wait until morning to send it. What will they think when they see it was sent at almost midnight?
On and on the questions ran through my head. It’s not like I’ve never been published and this was not my first magazine article. I wrote for several years for The Greenwood Magazine. Most of those stories were short biographies from our local veterans. It was great to meet them and listen to their stories. I also wrote about a local Lander University professor who was developing a telescope lens for NASA. It was a fascinating mix people to write about. The magazine editor asked me to do an article on a local hunt club. It was interesting and fun, but a bit difficult for me to write. I had no clue about the subject and did not understand some of the terminology. (I wrote a blog on “Riding the Mule,” but discovered today while looking for the link that I never posted it. I’ll post it tomorrow.)
Maybe that’s where some of my fear came from. Will this article be a disaster because I don’t hunt and don’t know the terminology? No, Jack was good about explaining terms, and had already read and approved my story.
I drank some coffee and stared at the SEND button some more. It was a harmless looking green button on the screen. All I was doing was sending an inquiry, not even the real article.
Why so much fear? It’s only a national hunting magazine. No big deal, right?
Maybe I should look for my article. It might have gotten lost like the blog I couldn’t find yesterday and had to rewrite.
It’s late. I’m tired. I did not need to be dithering over a stupid email. If I want to be a successful writer, I needed to take the plunge.
I Hit the Send Button.
Then I remembered I wanted to add something to the article and panicked. No, you did not send the article, only an inquiry. Add it in the morning before you send the real article. Go to bed, get some sleep.
This morning I panicked again. I was positive I had sent it to the wrong magazine. Then I saw an email from them. It was timed at 11:35pm. All it said was: ‘We would like to acknowledge that we have received your request and a ticket has been created. A support representative will be reviewing your request and will send you a personal response.(usually within 24 hours).’
I took in a calming breath. It was comforting knowing that they got it and took the time to let me know. Yes, I’m sure it was an automatic response, but that didn’t change how I felt.
Now, I need to get busy. The article I wrote was about my husband’s heart attack while bow hunting a couple years ago. After hitting the send button, I remembered I had wanted to include signs and symptoms of a heart attack and what to do. I need to get busy, but thank you for sharing my fears today.

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