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Magnesium Update and Downside – 10/25/17

October 25, 2017

I’ve been taking extra magnesium for several years and tooting its value. I’ve had a lot of healing since starting on and still believe in its worth. In all this time I’ve never figured out how much was a good dose, nor if the brand I was using was reliable.
Everything I’ve read said that a serum level will not give a true Mg level. Last week I had labs drawn and found out my results yesterday. I’ve been in a funk ever since!
My labs were basically good except my cholesterol was higher than the last one and my magnesium was 0.2 above normal range.
Magnesium is supposed to help lower cholesterol. I watch what I eat and have kept things low fat for years. Yet my weight and cholesterol persist in staying high. I thought it had come down a few months back when my doctor did not refill my cholesterol medication.
Last month when I saw my neurologist, he cut down my MG med hoping that would decrease my dizzy spells. I upped the magnesium a little to offset the med change. The dizziness decreased to 1-2 a week instead of 10 times a day!
All the weight I had lost this past year has slowly returned. However, my clothes are still loose. A friend suggested it could be muscle weight. Twenty pounds of muscles gained? I lost the weight doing the same activities that I do now. The only thing different was that I’ve been drinking more sweet tea than usual, 1-2 glasses a day. We put 1 – 1 1/2 cups sugar in 2.5 quarts of tea which isn’t a lot. Anyway, I’m back to water which I don’t mind like I used to.
Since being diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (MG), water is my drink of choice. I used to drink sweet tea or Pepsi all day long; water rarely went down my gullet. Developing an allergy to Pepsi stopped me cold. My doctor thought the food colorings in it could be the cause. I switched to Coke, but never have liked it that much. It turned out that I could drink 3 Cokes before getting the same reaction 1 Pepsi caused. Now I can drink a Pepsi occasionally which might be 3-4 times a year. It was hard to break that addition!
Sometimes I’ll add 1-2 ounces of juice to my water for flavor, but after reading the ingredient label, I won’t be doing that very often at all. High Fructose Corn Syrup is the second ingredient! Orange juice is better and safer provided I buy the “Not from Concentrate” variety. I picked up some apricot juice at Publix but didn’t read the label. I was just excited to see it. My husband and I both love it, but it hasn’t been in the stores in a long time.
If I don’t know what’s in it, will it still be bad to drink it? 🙂
The third problem was my blood pressure being up a little. I think the next time I’ll ask the nurse to let me sit a moment before checking my pressure. I walked from the waiting area, got my weight then walked farther down the hall to the exam room. She took my pressure as soon as I sat down and was still a little short of breath.
Getting on the scale was funny. (I blame everything on the Myasthenia Gravis and have no idea if it is at fault or not, but it makes a good scapegoat.) Many times when I take a step up, I go right back down. My legs do it all on their own. After the second try I told the nurse it was the MG’s fault. She laughed and said she was wondering what I was doing. The next time I grabbed onto a handrail with each arm. My feet stayed on the scale, but I felt like I wanted to go back down. I held on for a few more seconds until that weird feeling passed and she could get my weight. Crazy, I know!
Anyway, I’ve cut down on the magnesium to half of what I had been taking. I still stagger around, but I’m hoping my body will adjust to both dose changes soon.

  1. I’m certain you are applying yourself to attaining better health, but it sounds like you may need some people with more knowledge and experience. If you were winded walking down the hall, your exercise program is probably not designed properly. Your nutritional needs will probably need adjusting as well. Trying to figure it all out on your own can become discouraging. Seek QUALIFIED professional advice before becoming too dismayed with the process.

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