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October 21, 2017

I loved the title – made me curious. This is by Buddy Bloom on Cristian Mihai blog
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God spoke to me from a flea collar.
Yes, I said flea collar. And no, I am not crazy.
It was the Summer of 1983. I took my seven year old daughter to visit the local animal shelter. And soon the furry little critter in cage number 823 became “Lady the Wonder Dog.” The newest and fastest growing member of our family.
Minutes later, cash register bells were ringing. We started with a food dish, a water dish, a collar and a leash. Add to that a large bag of puppy chow, a box of doggie treats and a good deal on a doghouse from my neighbor. But still on the shopping list were a license, grooming brush, nail clippers, shampoo, soap and toys. Almost out of money, we topped off the day with a checkup at the veterinarian’s office and some picture taking.
We were making memories. “Lady the Wonder Dog” was winning the hearts of everyone she met, including a pack of fleas. No problem. A trip to the pet store and a few more dollars later, our doggie was stepping out in a fashionable flea and tick collar.
Now, here comes the sermon. The flea and tick collar came in a tiny box. Within the box, the collar was coiled and sealed in a foil pouch. According to instructions, the collar was to be unrolled, then cut to the proper length to comfortably fit our dog. Once fitted, and in place, a tiny latch was pressed down to keep it secure. But first, and this is a very important “But First” in order to get the flea and tick fighting chemicals working the instructions read “Stretch to Activate.”
And that’s the sermon on the flea collar, “Stretch to Activate.”
I start my day stretching with 20 minutes of yoga.
I read everyday to stretch my mind.
I write everyday to stretch my talent.
Sometimes it’s a stretch to practice the golden rule but that’s what I try to do.
A happy, healthy, and creative life calls for a lot of stretching.
And now that I’ve rounded the corner on my 60th birthday, I’m looking forward to even more stretching.
“Do not call to mind the former things or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new.” Isaiah 43:18,19
There are places to go; London, Paris, and Rome.
There are people to meet; the president, the pope, and Patch Adams.
There are talents to cultivate; singing, dancing, and playing the drums.
There are plays to watch, plays to write, and plays to act in.
There are people who need my help.
Yoda from Star Wars had this to say on the subject, “Do, or do not. There is no try.”
So what are you waiting for? Stretch to activate; your gifts, talents, and contribution to the world.

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