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Faith Filled Friday: The Mom Conference with Desi Ward

October 13, 2017

You might wonder why a Mom Conference has anything to do with being on a Faith Filled Friday blog. In my line of thinking, knowing how to be the best mom you can be is part of our faith. Plus we teach our children about God and Jesus.
Mom’s do most of the rearing and training. We teach them manners and Jesus’ love, and a whole lot more. It used to be that the mother stayed home, but the past few generations of children have had both parents working. Dads, don’t get me wrong. Your role is also important and I’ll sing your praises on another blog. Quite often mom and dad roles overlap or totally switch around, changing with the need as it arises.
Being a mother of three boys was not easy for me. Sure, I learned a lot about children in nursing school, but it wasn’t the same when you have the little one right in front of you. Why aren’t they following the book? Don’t they know what the pediatric text says?
How hard can it be to raise a child? Most days it was easy – simply love them and all was right with their little world.
I like Desi’s idea of a free on-line conference to help you be the best mother possible and wished I’d had something like this when my kids were young.
It starts on October 17 and runs through the weekend. I’ve copied her invitation for you. Let me know how you enjoyed it.

Just making sure you got this!
Just click here to save your spot.
See you soon!
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P.S. I couldn’t get the photo to copy, but this is the link: 7-1-300×121.png

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