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Havin’ a Baby!

September 11, 2017

A new couple attended my church this morning. They had six children–three girls and three boys! Wilma and I chatted with them before the service. They came up from Florida to get away from the storm and were staying here for a few days.
All the children were well behaved and sat still through the entire service. The little one-year-old napped in her daddy’s arms. During the singing their mother’s beautiful voice stood out.
After the service I got a chance to speak to her husband. I told him how wonderful his wife’s voice was. He said that Amy did a lot of choral group singing. A moment later I bumped into Amy who was talking to a group of ladies a few pews down. Cindy, Wilma, and I complemented Amy on her voice. Cindy sings in our choir and has a great voice also. She asked if Amy had been singing tenor and Amy admitted that she had been.
While we talked one of her little girls kept poking my belly and asking a question I could not understand. The mother shushed her, but she persisted. Finally mom said she wanted to know if I was having a baby.
We all laughed and I bent down to tell her, “No, I’m just fat. It’s coming off real slowly.”
At my age it would be hard to get pregnant, but the equipment is no longer there. Little kids tend to be honest and her innocent question has had me chuckling all day.

Since this post is so short I added some more humor, courtesy of the little children:
The preacher’s 5 year-old daughter noticed that her father always paused and bowed his head for a moment before starting his sermon. One day, she asked him why.
“Well, Honey,” he began, proud that his daughter was so observant of his messages. “I’m asking the Lord to help me preach a good sermon.”
“How come He doesn’t answer it?” she asked.

A pastor asked a little boy if he said his prayers every night.
“Yes, sir.” the boy replied.  “And, do you always say them in the morning, too?” the pastor asked.
“No sir,” the boy replied. “I ain’t scared in the  daytime.”

When my daughter, Kelli, said her bedtime prayers, she would bless every family member, every friend, and every animal (current and past). For several weeks, after we had finished the nightly prayer, Kelli would say, “And all girls.” This soon became part of her nightly routine, to include this closing.
My curiosity got the best of me and I asked her, “Kelli, why do you always add the part about all girls?”
Her response, “Because everybody always finish their prayers by saying ‘All Men’!”

A Sunday  school teacher asked, “Johnny, do you think Noah did a lot of fishing when he was on the Ark?”
“No,” replied Johnny. “How could he, with just two worms.”

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