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Breakfast with Two Flirts

September 9, 2017

Rebecca and I met for breakfast at a new place this morning. Low Country Deli is located at the end of the Flea Market on Dixie Drive. They have limited hours but they do a lot of business. Everyone was surprisingly friendly; no one was a stranger.
Parking was the biggest problem. A guy pulled out so I took his spot. Two hours later when I was ready to leave it was crowded with cars. I headed toward the dead-end where there was space to turn around then drove back up to the exit. Next time, I’ll part across the street.
The restaurant was small but neat and clean. They were busy the whole time. I ordered coffee, scrambled eggs, biscuit, bacon and home fries. The home fries were a little bit extra but well worth it. I was surprised by the plateful of from-scratch food that the server set in front of me!
Let me start with the coffee. It came in a black US Secret Service mug. I don’t particularly like black dishes or cups; that aside, the coffee was very good. I’ve always believed that the good places to eat served good coffee. I had two or three refills but who’s counting. The funny part was that her sugar dispenser had “not returned” until my last refill. So my cream and sugar came in those little 1-oz plastic cups that normally hold ketchup for dipping. She gave me a tablespoon to stir with.
The plate was arranged beautifully! The home fries took up almost half the plate from 6-11, using the clock. They were thinly sliced potatoes with a mess of onion and green pepper. There was more onion and pepper than potatoes, but I liked that better than a pile of potatoes.
At the top (11-1) was a huge square biscuit, fluffy and moist. No butter was ever offered and I opted not to ask for any. The biscuit was good bare.
The ‘two slices of bacon’ were not straight – more a crispy pile. Shh, don’t tell them, but I think there were three slices in that pile. I love bacon so it was no hardship for me at all.
Lastly, were fluffy scrambled eggs – just the way I like them. I plan to try their omelet the next time.
A few minutes after we started eating, a woman sitting on the bench against the wall hustled over to me and said, “I wanted to see what went with all those onions and peppers.” She hollered back to the guy who sat beside her what it was before returning to her spot. We talked across the 6-foot space. She said how much she loved home fries. I would have shared some with her if I hadn’t already started eating. I asked her to join us at our table but she declined. A few minutes later she stopped to show us her to-go order, a coleslaw covered hotdog. It looked so good.
Rebecca scarfed her food down and I was only about halfway done. She said it was too good to go slow and was happy with their generous portion of grits.
A tall white-haired gentleman stopped by our table. He kept his back to me while he talked to Rebecca. I thought there was a rule that a person greet both people even if you only want to talk to one of them. Flirt 1 introduced himself to her and sat in the chair beside her. Rebecca is younger, prettier, and has blond hair so I can’t fault him. He said hello to me and looked my way frequently after he sat down.
He was wearing a t-shirt with a plane on it. Rebecca commented about the plane and he said he owned one. As it turns out, he knew Rebecca’s father and had flown with him a few times.
Another man approached. We’ll call him Flirt 2. He chatted away and as like with Flirt 1, he talked mostly to Rebecca. At first he stood facing the table so he could look at each of us then he turned and faced Rebecca. Both flirts were friends and chatted with each other or Rebecca. This was the first time I ever felt invisible. I did manage to get a few comments in.
They were fun and we told them we’d be back as we got up to leave. Flirt 2 pointed to my blouse, making strokes in the air, “Do you want some help brushing those crumbs off?” I guess at 73 he fits perfectly with that description of a “dirty old man.”
The guys made our breakfast more entertaining. We’ll see if they remember us in a month when Low Country comes back up on the rotation. I don’t mean to be insulting to them and had originally planned to use their first names in this blog. I told them I was going to blog about them and they did not object. Neither one of them uses a computer.
I may stop back there one day on my own to get hotdogs or hamburgers to take home for my family’s dinner. I hope to try everything on their menu. They make milkshakes which is my favorite drink! I’ve been hoping to find a place that made real ice cream milkshakes, but I think that’s gone the way of the dinosaur.


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