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Not Such a Routine Day

August 30, 2017

Tuesday is my day to volunteer at one of the local Nursing Homes. My friend Wilma and I help the residents play Bingo.
On Monday, Cindy the Assistant Activities Director called me and asked that I call the numbers. She was going to be out on a field trip. I’ve called the numbers before so it was no big deal. She said she would have the prizes ready.
I got there early so I could set up. James, a resident, was already putting out the cards and markers on the tables. They use plastic bottle caps because they are easier for the resident to pick up. Some of them like to play with certain colors.
Cindy had mentioned the prizes were in a blue tub when we were on the phone. I thought she was going to put them on the cart that we wheel around for the winners to select their prize. I guess I misunderstood. I lugged the tub the short distance to the dining room where we play and arranged the prizes on the cart. Next time, I’ll remember to take the wheeled cart to the activities’ office!
There was barely a dozen residents playing so it seemed unusually quiet. We play for 45-50 minutes and I’ll admit I messed up once. I took off the markers for the called numbers before the last person had called hers. Two other winners had called theirs and I missed hearing the other one say Bingo. I let her have a prize anyway.
Afterwards, Wilma and I enjoyed a late lunch. We sat and chatted awhile then I headed to Aldi’s.
Milk was the first stop and a white-haired gentleman was practically standing on his head to get the last gallon jug from the back of the bottom rack. He stood up and I joked about me standing on my head. Being a gentleman, I held the door while he pulled out the empty cart and got my milk from the one in back and then replaced the empty cart.
Then I bumped into Fred, a fellow writer friend. I held the door while he pulled the cart back out and got his milk. However, the cart kept rolling and gently bumped into the emergency door handle. That tiny bump set off a super loud alarm! I pulled the door shut but the alarm continued to blare on. An employee was there almost instantly. She used her keys to silence the noise. She also took the empty cart, making it easier for the other customers waiting their turn to get some milk.
I felt a little funny when the alarm first started and worried it might send me into a seizure. I haven’t had one since 2011 and truly do not want to go back on seizure medication. The feeling passed even before the alarm was turned off so I decided I was okay. Weirdly, loud noises and flashing lights are still “worrisome” even though it’s been years since my last seizure. The color red used to really annoy me. I was glad when that stopped. There’s a lot of red in the world that can’t be ignored. Being on seizure meds was an interesting experience, but not one I care to repeat. It’s hard to explain what I feel precisely.
I quickly finished my shopping and headed to checkout. I bumped into Lisa, a friend from church. Our chatting in line further helped to calm my nerves.
While it’s nice to bump into friends and have a bit of excitement, I think I’d rather have a boring routine day without alarms blaring.

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