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July 14, 2017

Number 1 on this list doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m not into baseball or any sport for that matter. My favorites were volleyball and badminton. Maybe if we related worship more with sports it would get people interested in seeing what it’s all about. How about sermons titled: Getting to First Base with God; End Run with Jesus; How not to Hit a Foul Ball; Fight on the Ice; or Jogging with Jesus. ~ Connie

Rev. Shane L. Bishop is the Sr. Pastor of Christ Church in Fairview Heights, Illinois.


1. Pastors battling preaching pride would flip their water bottles after sticking a closing line and walk off stage…

2. Pastors would be doused with Gatorade after particularly good Easter sermons…

3. The pastor’s favorite hymn would play as he/she walks up to the pulpit…

4. Congregations would do the wave when the sermon got a bit slow…

5. ATTENDANCE ABOVE REPLACEMENT would be a major metric when determining pastor’s salaries…

6. Pastors and staffs would communicate during church services with their bibles covering their mouths…

7. Relief preachers would come in to finish sermons when the starting preacher begins to fade…

8. People would dream of sitting in the front row…

One Comment
  1. Loved the baseball humor in this! My fav was the above replacement, an off shoot swerve into stats

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