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Follow-up: The Duet

July 2, 2017

Deborah and I have sung together before. I sang with her and several other friends at a nursing home for about a year. I was the coordinator for that small group from three different churches, acting as emcee and giving the starter note. We sang a cappella most of the time. Since I was nine I was singing in a church wherever I lived.
What was so different about this Saturday, I don’t know. I’ve sung at Deborah’s church before, but it has been at least five years since the last time.
Because my voice is unreliable I asked Deborah if we could get together and try me out. She lives up the road from me and came down on Thursday. She had only the words on paper, no music. That’s no different than when we had the group. I typed the words from the hymn book and made copies for all of us. I pulled my copies from my file folder.
We decided on an order for the songs and which verses to do. Practice went well. Deborah’s a little older than I am, but her voice is still good and strong. Oddly, for the past two weeks my singing voice has been better than usual. I figured I’d be okay for our duet.
Several of my friends disagreed with my decision to partake in a service at a Seventh Day Adventist church. I’ve witnessed to Deborah over the years and she has come to my church a few times. I did pray about it and decided if the Lord let my voice hold up He was okay with it.
I did not want to go back on my word. Deborah called on Friday to make sure I hadn’t changed my mind. I assured her I was still planning to sing.
Well, as I mentioned in my other blog, God might do something last minute and He did. I decided to go just for the service part and not the Sunday School time (they call it Bible School).
I got into my car and gave a very loud unlady-like belch. Stomach acid roiled upward, burning my throat along the way. When I arrived at Deborah’s church I headed directly for the water fountain.
Deborah let me know she was going to do a brief intro to two songs as we walked to her pew. I joined a couple other friend of hers. We sang the chorus of one hymn, all the verses of another and 3 verses of the last one. There were breaks in between with prayers, announcements and offering. However, my voice was tired by the third hymn and I did not sing it as well. Never having heard or sung it before didn’t help either.
Deborah informed me that after the last time I sang people said they could hear her but not me. I didn’t think my voice was that soft. Anyway, I was to use the orange microphone and she would have the one on the stand. That put Deborah on my right. I’m not sure why I always preferred to be on the right, maybe my left ear was better at hearing the notes. I don’t know, but when I realized I was on her left my first thought was Ugh!
After all that, it was now time for Deborah and me to do our duet!
I was glad to see the pianist and figured she was going to play for us. Nope! She played the hymns, but left the bench when Deborah and I approached our mikes. I do so much better with music to help me out.
My hand shook more and more the longer I held that blessed microphone. I’ve used a handheld microphone before so it should have been no big deal. It would have been better if I left it on the stand and raised it up to my mouth. Naturally, that shaking made me more self-conscious about my singing.
I smiled and looked at the audience but couldn’t stop my hands from shaking. Everyone was smiling back. Barely two dozen people were scattered around the small auditorium.
I got through our melody of tunes, but barely. Somewhere in the middle I wanted to shove the mike into Deborah’s hands and run from the room. I’m not one to quit, so I persevered.
My breathing was getting harder. It’s hard to sing when all the air in the room is gone! I inhaled a little deeper, trying to calm my nerves and get some air into my lungs. I squeaked on a few notes and gave a chuckle. Deborah continued singing without missing a beat. She’s a true performer.
After we finished, I gave a quick testimony. I don’t remember all of what I said. I did explain that I have Myasthenia Gravis which makes me short of breath and that singing is a real challenge for me, but I hope they were still blessed by the songs.
I put my mike back in its stand and told the lady sitting nearest to me that the finger indentations would come out on their own.
I took a long nap later that afternoon waking up somewhere around 6 or 7 that evening which meant that I didn’t feel sleepy again until 2 am! Naturally, this morning when I should be going to my church I’m exhausted. I dithered about going, but then had a tiny bit of chest pain. I took an aspirin and figured that maybe God didn’t want me to bother Him today. I still had my devotions.
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