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Faith Filled Friday: Impressions and Temptations

June 30, 2017

This morning in Bible class we studied the temptations Jesus went through, and our teacher asked what was meant by temptation of the spirit?
I thought about my agreeing to help my friend Deb with singing some patriotic songs at her church. After I brought it up it seemed more about witnessing than temptation, but maybe they’re not that far apart.
For me it was no big deal since I’ve sung there before with her. She is a Seventh Day Adventist while I’m a Baptist who believes in Christ’s salvation. First and foremost, we need to ask forgiveness for our sins and accept Jesus into our hearts in order to go to heaven. It is not through works although the works follow as a natural part of being a Christian.
Keep in mind that I love to sing. I started when I was nine years. My first performance with an audience was with my Sunday School class doing special music before the sermon. I was late and the class of roughly 6 was already up front when I got there. My teacher waved me on up. My place was behind the group since I was the tallest. I belted out the songs. Thankfully, I had a good soprano voice.
From the comments made by my friends in class today, I got the impression that I should not sing at the Adventist church. But I’d already given my word and did not want to go back on it. I told them I did not have an issue with it since I’d sung there before. Juanita, our instructor, said that apparently I did since I brought it up. Good point.
Later I remembered that I had asked the Lord that if He was against it, to make my voice terrible when Deb came over to practice.
For the last couple weeks I noticed my voice was less squawky and I could hit that pesky C note which used to be within my normal range. I got out of breath which is due to the Myasthenia Gravis. Naturally, practice with Deb went well. She has a lovely soft voice and hit the soprano notes better than me. Both of us were a little shaky on the higher notes. We went through the songs twice. For being old ladies I was impressed.
We will be singing a cappella and doing only 1-3 verses of God Bless America, America the Beautiful and America, My Country ‘Tis of Thee.
I believe that I’m praising God with my singing and maybe I’ll get a chance to witness to someone there. But maybe I’m giving in to the temptation of the devil playing on my ego that I can still sing. Even though I specified for the squawkiness to happen during rehearsal, God may decide it would be so funny to have it happen in front of the congregation.
For those who are curious, I will do a follow-up blog on how things went. In the meantime, keep me in your prayers. Remember, Adventists worship on Saturday. Sunday I’ll be back in my regular pew at Calvary Baptist. ~ Connie

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