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Don’t judge me

June 29, 2017

Everyone loved the cover of my first and only novel. Then they’d open it and see the tiny 9-font. They very quickly set the book back down, saying “I can’t read that!” and walked away. Too bad they didn’t buy my book for the cover, I might have sold some.

Jessica Bakkers

So you’ve written your epic novel. You’ve painstakingly edited it, got your beta readers onto it and hired a pro to polish it and make it shiny.

But guess what? All that is going to mean precisely jack if you front cover looks like this;

book cover

But wait! Aren’t we all taught as toddlers that most famous phrase “Do not judge a book by its cover?” So why do we? Why do we walk into a bookstore and stride past the nondescript brown cover with stencilled writing and go to the flashy, colourfest with swooping dragons, a dashing hero and the author’s name big, bold and front centre?

Because of a psychological fact called attribution. Attribution is where we take what little stimuli is offered and try to make meaning of it.

How many times have you watched the news and seen a story of someone who’s been shot at 2am while…

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