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Weirdest Moment as a Medical Doctor

June 24, 2017

I found this absolutely fascinating both as a nurse and a writer. Since I plan to include a character with a medical problem in each of my books I’m always on the lookout for the more unusual cases and this fit the bill perfectly. Only problem is I don’t have a story for it to go with just yet. I discovered this on Quora. While I have no idea how long ago this happened, I’d still like to extend my condolences to his family and friends. It was a terrible tragedy. ~ Connie

What has been your weirdest moment as a medical doctor?
Shreya Thacker, Physical and Respiratory Therapist
Answered Jun 16

This incident started off as weird but ended with a Sherlock Holme-y twist.
Once during a night shift in the Emergency Room (ER), we received a patient with a gunshot wound to the head.
The accident had taken place just a few blocks away from the hospital.
The patient had been sitting in his car, parked in a rather gloomy alleyway, well past midnight, waiting on his friend.
In an inexplicable turn of events, a fight broke in the middle of the street between a bunch of hooligans due to what appeared as a disagreement over money transactions for drugs.
One of them opened fire. Soon things went out of hand with other members of the gang running berserk.
The patient in the car, unfortunately, was mistakenly shot when he got caught up in the middle of the fire.
The incidents up until this point made sense.
What made us scratch our heads was the location of his gunshot wound.
He was shot smack-dab in the center of his head. Not forehead but the center of his skull. Like someone would have to take a shot from over the roof of his car for him to be hurt that way.
It did not make sense.
How can a man, who was shot from the front (his windshield was shattered), while sitting in his car, have a gunshot wound at the center of the skull?
Things were not adding up.
(FYI, medical attention was not withheld due to this dilemma)
Just as they were rolling him to surgery, an elder nurse took one last good look at him. And suddenly, in an instant, it dawned on her –
He ducked!
‘He ducked! He saw them open fire and he ducked! It was a self-preserving move. He must have crouched at the steering wheel in fear of being shot. That exposed the top of his head to the windshield and he got shot!’
I wish he had not done that or at the very least crouched onto the passenger’s seat. That way he would’ve taken a bullet to his face or would’ve escaped it altogether.
The hit to his head took his life.

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