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SABOT — San Antonio Botanical Garden

June 19, 2017

This looks like something out of a fairytale. It’s beautiful! ~ Connie

Life Unscripted

Friday dawned with raindrops on the car — but that was just because the dewpoint was WAY up there!  With a forecast for 92º we set our sights for the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Botanical gardens seem to me to be infinitely variable. They are harmonious compositions to the creativity of nature and of man.  I learn a lot about each locale by learning about the plants that grow there, and I learn a lot about the culture of a community by the gardens that they support.

I don’t need a lot of gold like Trump….

LOL — that may be why we chose to become members of the Missouri Botanical Gardens for a few years, instead of the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Milwaukee.  Now, of course, I have talked about supporting the National Butterfly Center which is a work very much in progress.

Still, a garden — whether…

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