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True AI and why it’ll ignore us

June 8, 2017

Matthew Wright

It must be about twenty years since I encountered a CD burner labelled (wait for it) “Smart and friendly”. Back then the art of burning CD’s was sufficiently arcane and difficult that even the hardware manufacturers had to pitch their wares as “smart”.

Let’s send a mission off to meet aliens, run by an experimental AI. I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong? “Discovery” from 2001: A Space Odyssey. A picture I made with my Celestia software.

It wasn’t, of course – it was a dumb piece of hardware that relied on third-party software which was about as user-friendly as a starving crocodile. (These days, of course, we say “CD? What’s that?”) Which brings me to the point of the post. Machine smarts. Computers were meant to be intelligent by now – weren’t they? Like us. Or at least R. Daneel Olivaw. Or Orac. Or Hal.

Actually, today’s artificial intelligences……

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