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May 30, 2017

Since it’s 1:00 AM, my time, I’m posting this for Tuesday blog. I like how Peter talks about change over the past century. And to think I’ve lived most of that century! ~ Connie

Embrace Serendipity

My parents were pre-teens when the Great Depression began.  Peg & I were born Post-War babies.  Kathryn was a product of the 70’s and our Grand Daughter is a product of the 90’s.  When she has children, and for the first time it’s a subject she’s actually talking about, they’ll be 20-teens or 20-20’s kids.  This little family of mine spans a century and we aren’t a big family.  It’s hard to realize the change in human experience that is encapsulated in that passage of time.

I remember stories about my mom growing up.  They would make toast for breakfast.  You were allowed to put butter or  jelly on your toast, but not both — that was “too good.”  Butter and jelly were an excess.  — and today they are an excess I don’t think a moment about when I do just that — butter my toast and…

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