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Memorial Day: Walk in the Memory

May 29, 2017

My deepest appreciation to all who are currently serving and those who have served. ~ Connie

VIDEO OF THE DAY  – This is a touching video of a soldier remembering the friend and comrade he lost.

I Fought For You
A patriotic tribute to all the Veterans and Active Duty Military that have fought to protect the Freedoms we enjoy in the United States.

24 Notes Of Gratitude
Taps is a unique song with deep meaning and it is being played nightly in the Pacific Northwest by Don Britton to the enjoyment of his neighbors.

Honoring Fallen Veterans
Marvin Hume is an 89-year-old Cape May resident and Veteran of the Navy from World War Two who conducts a flag raising ceremony to honor fallen Veterans.

Honor Flight
Two Air Force Pilots buried at Arlington National Cemetery were honored with a flyover by civilian pilots.

Restoring Veterans’ Tombstones
Andrew Lumish is known as “The Good Cemeterian” because of the countless hours he has put into restoring Veterans’ tombstones.

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