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May 22, 2017

I found some delightful posts, but they were either too long or a video which I still haven’t figured out how to do; therefore, I opted for links. Get a drink and click away! ~ Connie

The Green Side of the Grass is a funny song about growing old and the aging process that we go through in life. I’m thankful each day I wake up because it means another day on top of the green side of the grass. Of course, some days it feels like that grass is green because of the organic fertilizer some people feel compelled to put on my little patch of grass. No worries, tomorrow is always another day and any day I’m not six feet under is a good day. If you like this you might also enjoy listening to the Senior Moments Brain Farts song.
Green Side Of The Grass
A funny song about growing old and the aging process that we go through in life.
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A Video For Mom
“Mom!” is something every mother has heard her kids say when she is being a mother to her child.
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A Song For Mom
“Mom” from vocal band Home Free is the perfect song to share with your Mom on Mother’s Day. If you can’t share it with your Mom then hopefully it will bring back many fond memories you have of your mother. I hope all the moms out there have a Happy Mother’s Day! If you enjoyed this and want to see another wonderful music video from Home Free then watch Everything Will Be Okay.

New post on Life Unscripted
Surreal Real Beauty
by Peter
I’ve never messed around with time lapse photography, but this is brilliant.  URL:
The Grand Canyon

45 Things Heart Doctors Do to Protect Their Own Hearts
Heart disease is the biggest killer in the United States, more than all cancers combined. Here, the heart health habits cardiologists follow to prevent heart problems for life.
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These Are the Ages You’re Best at Everything, According to Science
Though our youth is steeped in promise, scientific studies have shown that we go on to excel at various skills well into middle age and beyond. Like a fine wine, some things just get better with age. Let’s take a look.
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